Because who likes Pi with no Krust?

PiKrust – They’re at an near you!

Here at Machine Craft NW, we’re proud to introduce our showcase product: the PiKrust. After buying a Raspberry Pi® and an Adafruit® screen, we quickly came to the realization that there is a lack of cases to integrate the two. Right in the middle of our testing, the Pi 3 became a reality and we went back to the drawing board. With the hardware changes in place, we are testing our cases to make sure they complement the Pi rather than hinder it. As of now, the MicroSD card is easy to access with just a finger, and activity lights are again visible utilizing a small slot. The previous Pi 2 light slot was left intact and moved slightly to align with the Pi 3’s built in antenna. With these changes, you can use either the Pi 2, or the Pi 3.

A pair of PiKrusts…freshly sliced by MachineCraftNW @

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